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Financial Advisors

For individual investors and financial advisors alike, figuring out the best way to manage money can be a challenge. CNBC has put together these reports to help boost your bottom line.
  1. When it comes to saving for retirement, earlier is generally better, but several factors affect how much young women are setting aside. Here's what to know.
  2. While women face financial hurdles, there are steps they can take to build wealth, says Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck. And the men in their lives can help, too.
  3. Even for people who go on to become financial advisors, it's not always easy to get money matters exactly right when you're just getting started with adulthood.
  4. Eight in ten small business owners expect a recession this year, according to a CNBC survey. Here's how to prepare your portfolio.
  5. With high inflation and rising interest rates, many worry about a prolonged stock market downturn. Here's how much cash retirees need to prepare.
  6. Coming into sudden wealth can create emotional and financial challenges for people who have not had a lot of money in their lives.
  7. I bonds are currently paying 9.62% annual interest through October, which is an opportunity for a range of goals, according to financial experts.
  8. Amid the "Great Resignation," financial advisors are taking stock of their careers and how they want to operate. Three themes have emerged in recent months.
  9. As the Fed tries to pump the brakes on inflation, it will get more expensive to borrow. Here's how to prepare.
  10. Inflation-protected I bonds, a nearly risk-free asset, will pay 9.62% annual interest for the next six months. Here’s what to know before buying.

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