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Small Business

Find the top small business news, headlines, and videos about entrepreneurs, venture capital, jobs, start-ups, and more in CNBC's Small Business section.
  1. Presidents get credit for a strong economy in good times and blame for a struggling economy during bad times, as Biden is experiencing now due to inflation.
  2. You can start a successful business with little to no capital. That's human trafficking survivor Nakia Vestal's story. Watch this video to see how she did it.
  3. Some 75% of small business owners are experiencing a rise in the cost of their supplies, yet only 40% are increasing prices, a CNBC survey found.
  4. Stacey Abrams, Georgia governor candidate, is a star of the Democratic Party, but as a business owner she says speaking out on politics isn't always right.
  5. Inflation may go down, but isn't going away, and the markets and economy will be 'rocky' for up to two years, says former Fed official Roger Ferguson.
  6. Eight in ten small business owners across the U.S. tell CNBC that they expect the economy to enter a recession this year.
  7. As inflation hits highs not seen in decades, here's a look at how small business owners can avoid financial flubs that could set them back.
  8. Understanding all the details before you buy something can lead to surprising upsides — like a new pair of Nike sneakers or getting $400 off an Apple computer.
  9. Ulta, Sephora and Target have created entrepreneurial diversity programs, providing mentorship, financial support and new business opportunities.
  10. Specializing in aesthetic services, medspas across the country have been seeing a rise in robust treatment plans for both face and body in the past year.

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